Land Use Law — Municipalities, Owners, & Trusts

Land Use Law

Sheak & Korzun has over twenty years’ experience in municipal land use law. Timothy J. Korzun, Esq. has both served on and represented planning boards. Deborah I. Hollander, Esq. is a former Deputy Attorney General who has represented the New Jersey Department of Transportation in eminent domain and other land use litigation. She has also worked on site remediation matters and cases posing significant environmental issues.

What is land use law?

Historically, rights to claim, transfer ownership and land use were once controlled by inheritance law, private agreements and family tradition. The United States promoted economic growth and democratic principles by making land rights and records publicly available, and through laws such as the Homestead Act. Today, private agreements, such as homeowner association agreements and ground leases permit property owners to shape their neighborhoods and commercial projects. However, federal, state and local government laws and regulations on the use of land have become the primary means of achieving zoning, economic and public environmental goals.

Our office has represented local governments, state agencies, developers and homeowners on zoning applications, redevelopment projects, environmental issues and eminent domain proceedings.

Here are some examples of land use law matters Sheak & Korzun has handled:

  • Representation of  trusts in post-property sale environmental remediation plans.
  • Representation of  property owners and municipalities fulfill and address affordable housing obligations mandated by New Jersey’s Constitution and key court cases.
  • Representation of  clients in complex eminent domain issues including those of special use properties such as specialized high technology facilities, cemeteries, and potentially environmentally contaminated sites.
  • Helped municipalities develop master plans, redevelopment zones, and helped them defend those plans in court.
  • Representation of  property owners address code violations, stop work orders and permit problems before Boards of Construction Appeals.

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