Practice Areas

Practice Areas - Reviewing a Contract

Since 1986, Sheak & Korzun has represented major carriers and corporations in hundreds of complex legal cases in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. With our extensive experience, we expertly handle the most complex issues. Our primary practice areas largely deal with the following legal issues:

  • Representing sureties and large commercial creditors in bankruptcies, salvage actions and debt collections.
  • Drafting and negotiation of takeover and completion agreements as well as surety financing agreements on problem construction projects.
  • Representing sureties in contract and fidelity bond cases.
  • Defending architects and engineers in professional malpractice actions.
  • Representing owner-developers and architects in drafting and negotiating construction contracts.
  • Reviewing plans and specifications for legal sufficiency, technical errors, omissions and consistency.
  • Defending owner-developers and sureties in contractor claim actions.
  • Representing sureties, contractors and sub-contractors in connection with claims involving delay and acceleration damages, defective work, extras, product defects and contract defaults on federal and state public works construction projects and private construction projects.
  • Complex bankruptcy litigation.
  • Libel and slander cases.
  • Land Use Law.
  • Representation of multi-media businesses.
  • Trademark and copyright matters.

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