Cap and Trade and State Planning for Carbon Reduction Grants

Powerm Plant

On June 17, 2019, New Jersey adopted rules to rejoin a regional alliance of states with a mutual carbon use reduction plan and to establish “cap and trade” auctions for carbon use in the state. At the same time, the state outlined priorities for public grants and loans to local governments and private businesses for carbon reduction projects. Continue reading “Cap and Trade and State Planning for Carbon Reduction Grants”

Apprenticeships Now Mandatory for Public Construction Workers

Construction Worker

On January 31, 2019, Governor Murphy signed a new law (P.L.2019, c.21.) which now requires public work contractors to certify that its workers  on the public projects have completed apprentice- ships or enrolled in a registered apprenticeship pro- gram for their specific trades. (Alternately the con- tractor may confirm that each employee is paid at least the journeymen rate for that work, but it is unlikely that a firm could submit a competitive bid if doing so.) Continue reading “Apprenticeships Now Mandatory for Public Construction Workers”

New Jersey’s New Law For Pool and Spa Contractors

Swimming Pool

New Jersey has established new licensing require- ments for the pool and spa industry. The Act requires special licenses for installing, repairing and maintain- ing pools. “Pool construction” is defined as “ excava- tion and grading, construction and installation of pools, tiling and coping, and installation of all circulation equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, sanitizers and chemical feeders. It does not include direct con- nections to a sanitary sewer system or potable water lines, nor the grounding and bonding of any metal sur- faces or the making of any electrical connections, or  the direct connection to any natural gas or propane gas source. Continue reading “New Jersey’s New Law For Pool and Spa Contractors”

Avoiding Tax Return Shock

Avoiding Tax Return Shock

Now that the April 15 the federal tax filing date has passed most of us (reluctantly) turn at least some of our thoughts to the Internal Revenue Service and the tax code. The IRS has done the same thing; on April 15, 2019, it announced that its withholding forms for 2019 will remain the same as 2018, but expects to revise the form and guidance for 2019. Continue reading “Avoiding Tax Return Shock”

Driving With Your Phone: What You Need to Know

Driving With Your Phone

The National Highway Safety Administration has found that, as late as 2016, when blue tooth and hands-free cell phone technology was well established, 6% of all fatal crashes were caused by a “distracted driver.” In 14% of those cases, the “distraction” was the use of a cell phone policy. New Jersey is one of only three states nationally to receive dedicated distracted driving incentive grant funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Continue reading “Driving With Your Phone: What You Need to Know”

DWI Convicted Offenders Caught Driving Can Not Serve Sentence Over Weekends

Driving while intoxicated

DWI offenders repeatedly convicted of driving while their license is suspended can not serve sentence over weekends.

On May 22, 2019, in State v. Rodriguez, the New Jersey Supreme Court barred those convicted of repeatedly driving while their license was suspended for drunk driving from serving out their sentences over weekends. Instead, they must be incarcerated for 180 consecutive days.

Continue reading “DWI Convicted Offenders Caught Driving Can Not Serve Sentence Over Weekends”